The LNG-IUS is a contraceptive method that can cause irregular bleeding and cramping during the first six months of use. Expected side effects are common reasons given for LNG-IUS device discontinuation. Counseling regarding desired LNG-IUS side effects may reduce method discontinuing and improve patient satisfaction. Educational videos could improve anticipatory counseling for LNG-IUS users; however, none have been developed. This article describes the process of creating a ready counseling video with input from women in the first six months of LNG-IUS use and FP experts.

FP experts suggested balancing negative with positive information and using colloquial language. LNG-IUS users requested more detailed information on the LNG-IUS mechanism of action. They expected side effects in the form of statistics, infographic animations, testimonials from LNG-IUS users, and technical instead of colloquial language. The final video is 6 min in length and features seven LNG-IUS users, three physicians, and infographic animations.

The study concluded that including input from FP experts and LNG-IUS users in the development process resulted in a 6-min anticipatory counseling video that will be piloted among patients on the day of their LNG-IUS insertion.