The outbreak of coronavirus has affected the people in the worst possible manner. People are being treated for various diseases. In addition, this novel coronavirus is really very helpful in ensuring that the people are dragged into the jaws of death. This virus particularly affects the lungs. It hits the lungs in such a severe stage that the patient suffers extremely while doing so. The disease is considered so deadly as compared to the common flu and influenza, because of the reason that the fatality rate is much more for the novel coronavirus as compared to the common flu or cold. Technically, this is 20 times higher than the otherwise common flue and cold. Therefore, the doctors are looking for medicines that will be able to treat this menace effectively and without causing any harm. The doctors are using the low-dose radiotherapy as one of the methods for treating the novel coronavirus in an effective manner in the best possible way. Therefore, what matters the most in such a situation is that this therapy is equally effective in treating this menace. The results have shown that this therapy can be relied upon to treat a person.

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