Individuals with celiac disease (CD) must follow a strict gluten-free diet. Because children with CD must rely on their carers for advice and assistance in managing the gluten-free diet, the caregiver’s emotional and social well-being may be jeopardised. The major goal of this mixed-methods systematic review was to compile literature on the influence of CD on caregiver well-being. From 1990 to 2018, five databases were carefully examined to find all empirical research that measured well-being in carers of children with CD. Separate qualitative and quantitative data were collected before being combined to investigate significant themes throughout the trials. Twelve research, totalling 665 caregivers, were discovered that investigated the well-being of carers of children with CD. Across research, the quality of evidence was variable. The data synthesis indicated three elements that describe the influence of a kid with CD on caregiver well-being.

Caregivers of CD children may face challenges that affect their well-being; particular challenges found included the influence of caregivers’ social activities, money, and worry. The findings described in this research indicate factors that may guide health care workers in providing assistance to carers of CD children.