The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on graduate medical education, resulting in trainee redistribution, altered clinical treatment, and diminished research. Graduate trainees are concerned that the financial viability of health-care systems may impact the availability of new opportunities and hiring processes. The purpose of this poll is to assess the pandemic’s impact from the perspective of paediatric gastroenterology fellows. The survey was designed specifically for the fellows’ year of training, and included questions about education, clinical experience, research, and job prospects. Negative impact was noted by 52 percent of all respondents on clinical training, 46 percent on research initiatives, and 41 percent on procedural confidence. The majority of third-year respondents had a job contract signed at the time of the survey; however, 18% of those contracts were later changed, with 5 respondents having job contracts withdrawn owing to hiring freezes. Fifty-four percent of first- and second-year fellow respondents expressed concern about obtaining work, with second-year fellows being the most concerned.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on the medical system and healthcare providers. This survey found that graduating paediatric gastroenterology fellows had a significant impact on job acquisition, as well as other essential components of training that are likely applicable to other paediatric trainees. The survey results raise concerns regarding potential measures for improving medical education and job placement for graduate trainees.