The outbreak of coronavirus has affected the lives of the people to the maximum possible extent. This is because of the reason that the medical industry is not equipped with the vaccine to cure the patients who are being treated with. In addition, the most important consideration, for the time being, involves the point that the people who are already suffering from serious health ailments are likely to get more affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus. Therefore, an attempt is made to ensure that the patients who are already suffering from diabetes and foot problems are likely to report an increase in the incidence of suffering due to the depleting health conditions. The studies highlighted that they are facing problems including indigestion. Therefore, the most important consideration in this respect is that the proportion of the population which reported for severe symptoms of diabetes after being infected with coronavirus was around 75 percent. This shows that the virus is aggravating the status quo on diseases in the worst possible manner. However, no effect of the virus could be found on ulcer formation.

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