The Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors of the American Orthopaedic Association advocated establishing a universal offer day (UOD) in the 2020 residency match. Although the choice was made in an attempt to help candidates, it was vital to consider how the initiative was regarded. Questionnaires for candidates and program directors inquired about the UOD’s viewpoint and experience. About 383 applications (43% response rate) and 84 program directors responded (45% response rate).

Most students (81.5%) were concerned or extremely concerned about the interview offer procedure. However, most applicants (64.0%) reported that the UOD reduced their stress. The vast majority (93.2%) expressed a desire for the UOD to continue in future years. Survey of Program Directors: The majority of program directors (83.1%) said they would want to see the UOD continue, and 86.8% said they would engage in a similar process if it were done in future cycles.

Reduced stress and fewer clinical interruptions are two advantages of a uniform interview offer date. However, benefits might also include schedule difficulties and over-interviewing. The encouraging findings and excellent experiences from other specialties employing a UOD suggested the ongoing use of the strategy for interviewing.