There have been many studies that have been conducted so far in order to understand the correlation between the prevalence of liver injury and COVID-19. In addition, there have been many incidents that have taken place in the medical industry so far, for the sole purpose of assuring that the people are provided with relief during such testing times. This is sole because of the reason that a recent study that was conducted using 879 patients who were tested positive for COVID-19 and at the same time had a prevalence of liver diseases, and hence, the studies concluded that the presence of the virus inside the body was aggravating the situation for them to the maximum possible extent and hence, an attempt was made to understand the negative impact the former has on the latter. It was discovered that the virus was able to increase the risky up to 87 percent for the patients who were already grappling with sickness and illness related to the liver. Therefore, an attempt was made to provide for the best possible opportunity, and hence, the treatment must be discovered to provide for the care these patients require at these points in time.

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