There has been an increase in the proportion of the people who are getting infections in the kidney reported at a very high rate. The percentage of the population that has been infected with the problems related to the kidney and the percentage of the population that has been already in the process of hemodialysis is on an increase with every passing day, thereby reporting such instances to be the ratio of 58 percent. Therefore, in the end, what matters the most in such situations is to ensure that such persons do not further contract any sort of illness. However, the patients who are already in the process of hemodialysis are very much prone to get affected by hyperkalemia. Instead, this the problem which has become so common and a cause of death for such patients. There have been various studies conducted in order to chalk out ways to divert the risk for the people. Hence, it was discovered that providing such persons with the required amounts of serum in the quantity of 2 mEq/L dialysate was helpful in treating the persons and hence, such patients were in the position to show a higher amount of recovery rate with an increased advantage of 78 percent. Hence, an attempt must be made to enhance the capacity of the same.

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