The disparities these days are widening to such an extent that it is becoming difficult to realize that what is happening in this world. It is really becoming difficult to realize that the people these days are getting involved in the ideas which are so bad, that they are not picking up the call to better the world. They are not realizing how inefficient they are being. They are not realizing that people these days are so short-tempered that they are not ready t take this confusion. These times are the times wherein the people have started thinking about color, caste, creed, etc. These factors have resulted in ensuring that people are able to get the best possible results. These factors have created so much mental tension in the mind of the people that they cannot rationally think of anything. These considerations are not widening the gaps which people have amongst them. Therefore, what matters them the most is to ensure that people should come out of this tension and stay a healthy life.

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