The people who are suffering from chronic kidney diseases have been suffering from problems that include infections such as glycated albumin and fructosamine. These two infections have been considered to be the most deadly of the options which the person so infected by the deadly and serious kinds of ailments suffer from. Therefore, many studies have been conducted so far in order to ascertain if there is any way in which the patient can escape the warmth of the disease. Therefore, a cohort study was conducted. The aim was to analyze 104 participants for a period of 14 days and their allied symptoms were also studied Therefore, blood and urine were collected at the end with enhanced amounts of glycated albumin and colorimetric nitroblue tetrazolium methods.

The results showcased that any person with different biomarkers was strongly likely to get infected due to the occurrence of two CGM periods and no marker fully captured the true traits of the person. Therefore, the intake of glycated albumin and fructosamine in regulated quantities were not administered in the quantities they should have been. It was observed that the A1C was higher than the GMI by less than 0.5 percent.

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