There was a huge conundrum in the entire medical industry wherein an attempt was made to ensure that every possible person is in the position to find a cure for the deadly coronavirus. This was because of the reason that there is no vaccine available for this menace. Therefore, the doctors had to resort to the existing kinds of medicines which are already helpful for curing the various kinds of illnesses and diseases. These include that the people are provided with the best possible care and hence, are able to satisfy themselves from the existing medicines. One such medicine was the hydroxychloroquine. This was the one that was used by the countries to treat the virus. There were hardly any studies conducted to showcase if this is actually useful or not. However, it became evident that once the studies were held, 1-2 percent effectiveness could be shown by this drug in curing the girus. Therefore, there is an urgent need of conducting the required research as early as possible to save lives. The research has already highlighted this point and hence, more riskier outcomes will follow if they are not observed as of now.

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