Many people in the present world are the patients of valvular heart disease. Therefore, the management of this disease is very essential. The most important consideration while treating this disease is to ensure proper time intervention. However, the important consideration remains in the fact that the people who are asymptomatic should also be provided with the facility of timely intervention. However, when to provide them with such a facility remains controversial. This is because of the reason that there may be some irreversible left ventricular changes that are myocardial and hence, if they are allowed to propel they will be in the condition to worsen the body’s dynamics, as a result of which might cause permanent damage. Therefore, there are many potential benefits who intervening early even when it comes to patients who are asymptomatic. Therefore, these benefits include that the optimal timing of intervention is required for ensuring that the valve repairs in a timely manner which results in the advantage that the blood supply is not at all decreased and compromised. Therefore, this is one of the most important considerations when it comes to the safety and durability of the heart.

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