Infection with the hepatitis C virus is very dangerous for the human body to operate with. This is because of the reason that this remains as one of the major reasons as to why this disease is still counted as one of the deadly and life-taking diseases in the history of mankind. However, the only cure which is available for this process is the injection of glycoproteins. These proteins are probably the best in nature and hence make every possible attempt for providing the required treatment to the people. Therefore, in order to cope up with this, what is required is the conduction of research wherein the anti-HCV activity was conducted with the help of avFC with the use of vitro neutralization. Therefore, AvFc was capable of neutralizing cell-culture which has been derived from HCV in a genotype and it was conducted in an independent manner. Therefore there was a 50 percent more capacity for treating the illness. These results have the tendency of showing that the targeting envelope HMGs is a very promising therapy against the infection caused by the virus. Therefore, reliance must be placed on the injection of glycoproteins which play a pivotal role in curing the infection.

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