The people these days are already grappling with serious health ailments. The most common disease these days they are facing is the deadly disease of cancer. The scientists are trying their best possible level to cure this disease in the best possible manner. Most of all the considerations are the fact they conduct various trials for researching various subjects. However, the people who are already diagnosed with clinical cancer are not allowed to participate in any sort of clinical trial. Therefore, what matters the most is the fact that many people around the world cannot offer themselves for any sort of clinical trials because they are ineligible for offering themselves for any sort of trial. Therefore, it is highly advisable that the people who try to participate in the trials are able to contribute to existing research. The less number of people in the trials is probably because of the fact that the criteria on the basis of which the people are selected for this process is very stringent. Therefore, it is advisable that people are able to offer themselves.

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