The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has posed various challenges to the efficiency and adequacy of the healthcare systems worldwide. This is because of the reason that there is no treatment available for curing this deadly virus as of now. Despite this, there is so much time passed since this virus came, there has been no sign of the development of the vaccine. The most important concern for healthcare is to ensure that people are able to protect themselves from this virus. In addition, their basic concern is to protect those people who are already grappling with deadly diseases like cancer. The research has shown that the patients who are being diagnosed with cancer have a higher chance of contracting the novel coronavirus. And the reason for that is because they are visiting the hospitals very frequently. The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence has recently suggested bringing about a change in the manner in which the patients treated with cancer are to be rescued. Therefore, what matters the most in such a scenario is to ensure that there are changes introduced in their check-ups and follow-ups. This will play a vital role in ensuring that people are able to get hold of their problems in the best way possible.

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