The SARS-CoV-2 infection vaccine is under development. The acceptability and willingness to pay (WTP), a hypothetical COVID-19 vaccine, were evaluated to provide insights into future demand expectations and costing considerations to prepare them for public availability. From 3 to 12 April 2020 a cross-sectional survey was carried out. In order to analyse predictors of intent to get the vaccine and WTP, the Health Assessment model (HBM) was applied. There were a total of 1.159 replies. 

The vaccine was reported in majority (48.2%), followed by a likely intent and potential intent (29.8%). (16.3 percent ). Both the reported advantages of the HBM have been found to show, namely that the vaccine is decreasing the likelihood of infection and that the immunisation makes people feel less concerned. For the sum that was willing to be paid for COVID-19, the average ± standard deviation (SD) was MYR$134. The vaccination was prepared to pay most participants an amount of MYR$100 and MYR$50. The greater marginal WTP of the vaccination was impacted not only by no barriers to affordability and socio-economic factors such greater education, work and management and higher income.