The society has been separated and partitioned on various fronts and grounds. There have been instances wherein the fabric of the society is being torn by the elements which are completely antisocial in nature. These elements include ones like racism. Therefore, what matters the most in such a situation is to ensure that the unity of the fabric is maintained. However, society does not react in this direction. Therefore, there have been various reported instances wherein the people are indulging in activities like racism. There have been the recent killings of the Black people. They were brutally murdered by the police for probably no mistake of theirs. This has been the sole reason that the United States of America is brimming in the flames of hatred and contempt. The Americans have been extremely averse to the idea of expanding the scope of equalities, liberties, freedoms, and other constitutional rights which play a determinative role in ensuring that the people enjoy the basic needs and wants of life, to which they as a human being are entitled to. Therefore, it is important to raise voice against these historic institutions and ensure that the people live a life of dignity and care.

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