This study was done with the purpose to report the 3-year follow-up results of the clinical course and structural changes of CNV by OCT-A in eyes with a history of chronic CSC.

This research was basically a retrospective study of patients with chronic CSC complicated with CNV. Patients were recorded of BCVA and treatment modalities.

A total of 30 eyes in 26 patients were selected as the sample for the study. The sample included patients most of whom had previous treatment for chronic CSC, were included with a mean follow-up period of 40.37±4.11 months. No changes in BCVA were noted. The other 25 eyes remained SRF free throughout the course. Regarding the morphological changes, the size of the CNV enlarged significantly; the VD of CNV decreased significantly, and the number of CNV with visible core vessels significantly increased. A significantly reduced SFCT was noted, while the CRT remained unchanged.

The study concluded through its findings that for most eyes infected with chronic CSC receiving previous treatment for the activity of chronic CSC, with CNV subsequently found on OCT-A, a midterm stable clinical course up to 3 years was noted, despite significant structural changes of CNV evaluated by OCT-A.