There has been an increase in the trend of transplantation in recent years. However, this process is not as easy. This is because of the reason that various kinds of risks are associated and linked with this process. One of them being the risk of immunosuppression. This is nothing but an abnormality in the formation and the movement of lymphocytes that have been monitored routinely. Therefore, there have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to unravel the risks linked with such abnormality. In the years of 2015-2017, there have been studies conducted over 58888 outstation patients, out of which nearly 80-90 percent had this reported growth of abnormal cells. This was discovered that such abnormal growth and number of the cells are likely to be linked with the graft failure which even might have the tendency to cause death. Hence, the process of transplantation must be conducted only after reading these factors in detail and hence, an attempt must be made to mitigate the side effects of these.

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