Medical practices and hospitals, like so many other businesses, are now using platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet to screen potential job candidates. With a fourth pandemic wave rising before us, this makes sense in terms of safety and practicality. It is also a time and money saver for those candidates who live a great distance from their potential work location.

But with a new interview platform comes a whole host of new pitfalls and possible advantages. Take these tips with you as you schedule your next virtual interview:

  1. Technology check. At least 1 hour before your scheduled interview, check your Internet connection. Log on to the platform being used to see whether you need to download any software or plugins. There is nothing worse than being late because you are struggling to just log in. And make sure your name is correct in the virtual name tag.
  2. Background matters. We are all very used to kids crashing online meetings or pets popping in to say hello. Do everything in your power to conduct your interview without interruption. Find a quiet (ie, door closed) space in your home or workplace with a professional-looking background. Consider a bookshelf, blank wall, or tastefully decorated space. Avoid any controversial items and any signs of untidiness (dirty laundry, food wrappers, etc).
  3. Dress appropriately. No one expects you to wear a tuxedo or ball gown, but dress as you would for a formal day at work. If you are taking the interview while at the hospital, scrubs or a lab coat are appropriate—just make sure they are clean.
  4. Make camera eye contact. Eye contact is second nature when you are face-to-face, but in front of your computer, the eye is the Web camera. Try to keep your head up, smile when appropriate, and refrain from fidgeting.
  5. Don’t forget traditional prep work and follow– The same rules apply when it comes to preparing. Research the practice or hospital to which you are applying. Ask pointed and engaging questions. And don’t forget to send a concise email within 24 hours of the interview thanking the interviewer for their time and restating your interest in the position.