There have been various studies that have been conducted in order to measure the administration of tranexamic acid compared with placebo result in lower 30-day mortality in patients at risk for hemorrhage after trauma. The main aim of the studies was to assess the effectiveness and safety of tranexamic acid administered before hospitalization compared with placebo in injured patients at risk. The pragmatic approach was able to get addressed in 447 patients infused for 10 minutes in 100 ML of saline. The randomization scheme used prehospital and in-hospital phase assignments and the patients administered measures and hence, they were in the capacity of 927 patients, patients who received tranexamic acid compared with placebo in the prehospital setting pulmonary embolism with deep veins. All the process was conducted using thrombosis, seizures, or adverse events, including thrombotic complications across arms. The results have been able to assure that the 45 percent of the studies have been able to provide positive results for curing this menace. This will be really helpful in the longer run. Also, an attempt must be made to serve the medicine sin the ratio of 45.8 mg/l.

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