The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been able to worsen the condition of the world at large. There have been instances wherein this disease has been able to affect the different sections of the society in a different manner. In addition, there have been situations in which the patients who are already suffering from so many diseases, are finding it difficult to ascertain how will they get cured in the best possible manner. Therefore, the most consideration for them is to ensure that the harmful effects do not follow much. There are studies that have been showcased as to how the increasing instances of COVID-19 would be causing transpulmonary pressures in the population which comprises both obese and non-obese. The results have proved that the people who are obese have a greater possibility of contracting serious lung ailments as compared to the patients who are non-obese. However, the chest wall contractions remain the same in both cases. Therefore, the obese people should take care that they do not roam around and do not contract this disease of COVID-19. Therefore, what matters the most in such situations is the fact that people should take care of each other in such cases.

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