Preliminary stability tests of the formulations and in vitro drug release studies with Amph B, GA, Amph B plus GA, EA, and Amph B plus EA were carried out, as well as assessment of the in vivo treatment of BALB/c mice infected with Leishmania major. In this investigation, we exhibited the possible acquainted impact of consolidating regular amphotericin B (Amph B) with gallic corrosive (GA) and with ellagic corrosive (EA) in topical formulations for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis in BALB/c mice. After 40 days of infection, the mices were separated into 6 gatherings and treated two times every day for 21 days with a gel containing Amph B, GA, Amph B in addition to GA, EA, or Amph B in addition to EA, and the negative-control bunch was treated with the vehicle. As a result it was found that the formulations containing GA and EA activated macrophages in all evaluated parameters, resulting in the activation of cells of the innate immune response, which can generate healing and protection. Therefore in conclusion we can say that, GA and EA produced an associative effect with Amph B, which makes them promising for use with conventional Amph B.

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