The RUPP rat model of Preeclampsia exhibits hypertension (MAP), cytolytic natural killer (cNK) cells, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), and mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species (mt ROS).

Researchers did this study to test the hypothesis that TNF-α blockade with ETAN (Etanercept) decrease cNK cell and mt ROS in RUPP rats.

The intervention method was divided into phases. They took over all five days, with three days of vast importance regarding implementing planned surgery, medication, and then testing the outcomes. On a gestational day 14, RUPP surgery was performed. Then there was given a gap, and ETAN (Etanercept) (0.4 mg/kg) was administered on day 18. Then after that, MAP, blood, and tissues were collected on 19. The results obtained after the entire intervention suggested that the MAP, cytolytic NK cells, and mt ROS were elevated in RUPP vs. NP and normalized with ETAN(Etanercept).

The study concluded that the TNF-α blockade lowered blood pressure and improved inflammation and organ function in response to placental ischemia.