This analysis has been performed to check prostate cancer treatment regime routine called “ultrahypofractionation” (UHF), promoting has been utilized for CyberKnife (CK), a typical conveyance framework for stereotactic body radiation treatment. We speculated that those review a promotion for CK versus real data would have mistaken impressions of adequacy and security. 400 men matured 40–80 were haphazardly doled out to one of four arms: a de-distinguished CK ad, similar promotion with disclaimers, logical data got from survey of contemporary companion evaluated writing, and a control. Relapse examination was performed to decide factors related with CK inclination. 400 men were incorporated. Contrasted with controls, the individuals who saw any of the three intercessions were bound to seek after CK over different medicines (p < 0.01), with a more noteworthy expansion in the notice gatherings. Respondents who saw logical data were more averse to concur CK is prevalent with respect to ineptitude and urinary brokenness. Disclaimers diminished positive impressions of CK’s results, however not adequacy. Both promotion and ad with disclaimer respondents were bound to think about CK unrivaled.

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