There have been many researchers who are becoming more and more agile to conduct the latest possible studies in order to measure the amount and content of the neurofibroma in the patients who have been suffering from the deadly disease of cancer. This is because of the reason that the people are in the best possible status to estimate the risk to their lives. Hence, it was calculated that 87 percent of the people in the population of 780 patients were tested positive for the symptoms of increased content of neurofibroma in their blood. The parts of this enzyme were more than 85 million parts per liter of the blood. This was very dangerous for the human body and as the studies revealed that the people suffering from cancer and carrying such a high amount of content of this enzyme are more prone to contract the more deadly disease. This deadly combination was in the position to provide for an enhanced chance of 85 percent. The risk was not only aggravating but at the same time, it was decreasing the ph level of the body by an average of 0.1 percent with every passing day. The immunity was becoming weak and at the same time, there was an intent to provide for the best possible treatment to reduce the death rate below the existing 50000 per year.

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