Scientific literature was searched for studies investigating the effect of the interaction between air pollution and climate change on allergic and respiratory diseases.

Many studies are confirming that the warming of our planet is caused by the “greenhouse effect”. Air pollution is also closely linked to global warming. Global warming is linked to the emission of hydrocarbon combustion products. However, the understanding of the mechanisms by which PM affects human health is still limited. Several studies are trying to determine the causes of global warming. The produced  Decalogue of rules aims to limit the amount of allergenic pollen in the air without sacrificing public green areas.

The study concluded through its findings that the present studies underscore the significant risks of global warming on human health due to increasing levels of air pollution. The impact of climate change on respiratory diseases appears well documented. The last decades have seen a rise in the concentrations of pollens and pollutants in the air. This rise parallels the increase in the number of people presenting with allergic symptoms, who often require emergency medical care.