In the early 21st century, prescriptions for specialized formula for cow’s milk allergy increased in England, Norway, and Australia, and exceeded expected levels, according to a study published in Clinical and Experimental Allergy. A cross-sectional analysis of national prescription databases was conducted to examine specialized formula trends. From 2007-2018, prescribed volumes of specialized formula for infants increased 2.8-fold in England, with similar trends seen in other regions of the United Kingdom. From 2009-2020, volumes increased 2.2-fold in Norway, while from 2001-2012, volumes increased 3.2-fold in Australia. In 2020, total volumes were 9.7- to 12.6-fold greater, 8.3-to 15.6-fold greater, and 3.3- to 4.5-fold greater than expected in England, Norway, and Australia, respectively. From 2009-2020, the proportion of infants prescribed specialized formula increased from 2.2% to 6.9% in Norway, which was 11.2- to 13.3-fold greater than expected. In 2020, specialized infant formula cost $117, $93, and $27 per birth in England, Norway, and Australia, respectively. Across the three countries in 2020, 30%-50% of the prescribed specialized formula was amino-acid formula