Newly diagnosed breast cancer does require a very much efficient care and treatment at the right time to get the best results after the surgery. It can improve the after surgery life of the patient to a miraculous extent. The BRCA testing is one of the most important steps in doing so. Here in this article we tried to concentrate on this and its effects. It is all about evaluating the test and measuring its timing with accuracy. Also we have kept the focus on  definitive surgical treatment you can require while getting it treated.

1,209 respondents were chosen in the above study. 54.4% received the genetic test results pre surgery, 23.2% tested pre surgery but received the results post surgery, and 22.3% tested post surgery. Among women > 50 tested pre surgery, those unaware of negative results pre surgery were more likely to choose BLM (n = 28/81) compared with those aware of negative results (n = 32/168) (OR = 2.25, 95% CI = 1.23 to 4.08, negative results awareness × age interaction, and P = .007).

BRCA results were not available for more than 50 % of women pre surgery. This shows how less informed they are of the method.Women > 50 who test negative are significantly less likely to choose BLM, a costly surgery that does not confer survival advantage, if they are aware of negative results pre surgery.