There have been many studies that have been conducted so far in order to measure the coronary artery calcium score and hence, make an attempt to identify the individuals who are likely to derive the net benefits from aspirin therapy for the sole purpose of primary prevention. This primary prevention is solely linked with atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease. In the various kinds of cohort studies that have been conducted so far, the participants of Dallas Heart Study who were free from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and not taking aspirin at baseline. It was observed that the increasing coronary artery calcium was linked with not only bleeding but at the same time an attempt was made to link the same with the aspirin and its role in promoting the positive impacts of the same. However, it was concluded that the findings were able to support the consideration of coronary artery calcium to help select the individuals who were already the victims of coronary artery calcium. It was believed that out of 2191 patients selected, nearly 47 percent of the women and 53 percent of men were able to get the meta-analysis applied to them with great results.

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