As struggles are being done to provide the best opportunities for growth and education to autistic people is at a peak. Many types of research are being done to provide them with support. This study was done to explore the impact of video modeling on customer service skills in adults with autism.

Providing evidence-based interventions in competitive employment settings is critical to improving employment outcomes for individuals with autism. This study used multiple baselines across behaviors design to enhance the customer service skills of a young adult with autism employed as a cashier at a retail store. Having customer service skills can help autistic people land good jobs and improve their quality of life. Therefore, this study was done to help autistic adults by providing an effective intervention analysis of video modeling to check if it is an effective method or not.

After careful analysis of the results, the findings indicated that the use of customer service phrases increased contingent on the delivery of corresponding video models. Implications for employing young adults with autism in community-based settings are discussed.