As the U.K research on this topic is limited, our objectives were to assess current practice and local population needs through a prospective, observational survey to improve the quality of abortion care delivery.

Over four months, all clients attending the Sandyford TOPAR unit for abortion assessment were asked to fill in an anonymous questionnaire. A further questionnaire was distributed to HCPs working in the TOPAR unit.

A total of 406 questionnaires were analyzed. Almost half of the respondents had been offered the opportunity to view their ultrasound scan, of whom 31.4% had accepted. All HCPs completed the questionnaire; 55.6% responded that they routinely provided to view. Ultrasound was not routinely offered by 25% and 83.3% of medical and nursing staff, respectively.

We found inconsistent practice within our unit. Despite HCPs building rapport with clients before the ultrasound, not all clients who wished to have the opportunity to view their scans were identified. Many clients want to have the option to choose for themselves if they’re going to view their ultrasound scan rather than be judged by an HCP as someone who might benefit from it.