The outbreak of coronavirus has affected the lives of many people inside and out. Therefore, thi outbreak has been successful in raising concerns worldwide about the inadequacy of the medical care which the people are provided with. Therefore, what matters the most to them is to ensure that the people are able to care about building their immunity. This is because of the reason that various studies that have been conducted have successfully established the co-relation between getting infcetd by the virus and the strong immunity that the people have. Therefore, what matters them the most is to ensure that the people are provided with the best possible knowledge of the vitamins which should be used by them to build their immunity in the maximum manner. This will be helpful in ensuring that the people would be in the position to ensure that the best of vitamins and  minerals are taken up by them. This will be helpful in ensuring that the people build their immunity in such a manner that no virus is in the position to infect them. Vitamins A, B, C and E are the best immunity builders. They help in curing the disease in the best posible manner. They enhance the growth of the white blood cells which act as immunity boosters.

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