Contraceptive and sexual healthcare is increasingly delivered in an integrated setting in the UK and worldwide, requiring staff to be competent in differing styles of delivery and to have a wide knowledge base.

This study was done to provide a scoping review of the literature for evidence of the resources that exist for healthcare professionals to guide or structure the process of conducting an integrated SRH consultation.

Peer-reviewed articles published in English published non-peer-reviewed guides, and web-based guidelines addressing the conduct of contraception or sexual health consultation were included. Date range: 1998–December 2018. Searches were carried out in the databases on 10 February 2017, and incremental searching performed until December 2018.

A total of 12 peer-reviewed journal articles, two web-published guidelines from the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, and three published, non-peer-reviewed resources were included.

Through the finding, this study concluded that most resources exist to guide either the contraceptive or sexual health consultations, but there is a lack of a comprehensive consultation resource to guide the conduct of an integrated consultation.