Waiting rooms are back. During the pandemic, quite a few healthcare professionals closed off their waiting rooms to avoid spreading the virus. In many cases, patients were asked to wait in their cars until the doctor was ready to see them. As we all continue to adjust to the new normal, waiting rooms are opening once again. Is your waiting room ready to greet patients? Here are some tips to make sure your waiting room sets the right tone for a positive visit.

Cleanliness. Safety and sanitized go hand-in-hand these days. A clean and tidy waiting room space will do a great deal to put your patients at ease. The walls may have been scuffed for years, but this unsightly detail may not translate well to those seeking solace in a pristine medical environment.

Comfort. According to AdvancedMD, comfortable furniture is a real opportunity to make your patients feel welcome. We all know that appointments can run late, or unexpected emergencies can pop up. A comfortable space in which to wait may help to diffuse some of the frustrations that patients can face from time to time.

Wi-Fi. With smartphones, almost everyone can carry their office in their pocket. Give patients the opportunity to go through emails, read over important documents, or maybe even just watch the YouTube channel they favor by offering free Wi-Fi in your waiting area. Just make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is safe and secure.

Technology. Consider adding a check-in kiosk to your waiting room area. It gives patients the opportunity to enter in their information and even scan their insurance card. Also consider software that allows patients to fill in their medical intake forms before they arrive to your office. Everyone will appreciate saving some time.

Greetings. Despite the many benefits of technology, remember that your staff play a huge role in the success of your waiting room. Make sure they realize that part of their job is to put patients at ease when they arrive. Acknowledge patients warmly and efficiently if they approach the front desk.

A waiting room sets the tone of a patient’s visit. Making them comfortable will help them be a better patient.