The provision of immediate postnatal contraception is increasingly identified and endorsed as a key strategy for reducing unplanned and rapid repeat pregnancies. This literature review was done with the purpose to evaluate the views of women and healthcare professionals regarding the receipt, initiation, or delivery of these services.

Databases were searched for relevant English language studies. In addition to the research of particular mentioned online data basis Evidence Search, Google Scholar, and Scopus were used to identify further literature. Other relevant websites were accessed for policies, guidance, and supplementary grey literature.

There exist clear and assessable guidance on how to deliver good-quality postnatal contraception to women. Unfortunately,  the reality of service delivery in the UK does not currently meet these aspirations. This unfortunate situation is because of a lack of guidance on implementation. The available evidence focuses more on clinical rather than patient-centered outcomes.

The study concluded through its findings that while views of postnatal women and healthcare professionals are largely in support of immediate postnatal contraception provision, important challenges have been raised and present a need for national sharing of service commissioning and delivery models, resources, and evaluation data.