Radiofrequency exposure from man-made sources has increased drastically with the era of advanced technology. People could not escape from such RF radiations as they have become the essential part of our routine life such as Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, TV, mobile phones, etc. Although non-ionizing radiations are less damaging than ionizing radiations but its long term exposure effect cannot be avoided. For fertility to be affected, either there is an alteration in germ cell, or its nourishing environment, and RF affects both the parameters subsequently, leading to infertility. This review with the help of in vitro and in vivo studies shows that RF could change the morphology and physiology of germ cells with affected spermatogenesis, motility and reduced concentration of male gametes. RF also results in genetic and hormonal changes. In addition, the contribution of oxidative stress and protein kinase complex after RFR exposure is also summarized which could also be the possible mechanism for reduction in sperm parameters. Further, some preventative measures are described which could help in reverting the radiofrequency effects on germ cells.