In order to discover and develop drug-like anti-inflammatory agents against arthritis, based on “Hit” we found earlier and to overcome drawbacks of toxicity, twelve series of total 89 novel pyrimidine, pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidine and thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine derivatives were designed, synthesized and screened for their anti-inflammatory activity against NO and toxicity for normal liver cells (LO2). Relationships of balance toxicity and activity have been summarized through multi-steps, and title compounds 22o, 22l were found to show lower toxicity (against LO2: IC = 2934, 2301 μM, respectively) and potent effect against NO release (IR = 98.3, 97.67%, at 10 μM, respectively). Furthermore, compound 22o showed potent iNOS inhibitory activity with value of IC is 0.96 μM and could interfere stability and formation of the active dimeric iNOS. It’s anti-inflammatory activity in vivo was assessed by AIA rat model. Furthermore, the results of metabolic stability, CYP, PK study in vivo, acute toxicity study and subacute toxicity assessment indicated this compound had good drug-like properties for treatment.