To identify demographic characteristics, and types of stroke in Southwestern (Aseer) Region, Saudi Arabia.
This study is a retrospective and hospital-based. The data of all stroke patients (n=562) admitted to the tertiary care hospital in the province, Aseer Central Hospital (ACH) within the period from January 2016 until December 2017 are included.
The mean ± SD of stoke patients’ age was 62.6 ± 17.0 years. Male patients were more than female patients (62.6% and 37.4%, respectively). The majority (93.2%) were Saudi, while 91.5% had below university education and 6.4% were smokers. Interestingly, only 2% of patients had a family history of stroke, while 68.1% were diabetic, 80.4% were hypertensive, 91.6% had high serum cholesterol level, and 10.7% had history of transient ischemic attacks (TIA). Despite the lack of awareness, and leading to delay in reaching health care facility, 58.1% of stroke patients, were arriving to emergency department (ED) in less than 24 hours (potential endovascular therapeutic window).
In Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia, stroke affects mainly those who are older, less educated, diabetic, hypertensive, with hypercholesterolemia and previous history of TIA. Associated factors for stroke differ significantly according to their nationality.