Most of the people in the world are affected by glaucoma, which leads to irreversible blindness. Several patient friendly treatments are available, nevertheless medications lack an easy and efficient way of sustained delivery. To make the delivery with enhanced bioavailability, biodegradable and non-biodegradable polymers-based drug carriers are explored. However, ocular drug delivery issues have not been resolved yet due to less adhesiveness, poor penetration ability, pH, and temperature dependent burst releases. Chitosan is found to be effective for ocular drug delivery due to excellent physio-chemical properties in terms of overcoming the existing issues. In this review, we aim to highlight why it has been chosen and the holy grail for ocular drug delivery. Besides, we have comprehensively reviewed recent patents on chitosan as a platform for ocular drug delivery and future perspectives on factors, lacunae and challenges that need to be addressed for better ocular delivery methods for glaucoma management.