Ulnar volar dislocation (UVD) is a very rare entity. Due to rarity of condition, usually, it’s misdiagnosed at emergency departments and management of this clinical entity is not well studied. Here, we report a case of UVD impressing diagnostic challenge, indication of treatment, and follow-up.
A 29-year-old man presented to orthopedic outpatient service with complaining of the right wrist pain. He had an assault history 3 days before. In the emergency department, he had been diagnosed as wrist sprain. Splint and pain killers were prescribed. Due to increase of pain, he admitted to orthopedics. He was diagnosed UVD. Under general anesthesia, joint was reduced with forced pronation maneuver. After 3 weeks immobilization period, magnetic resonance images revealed partial injury of triangular fibrocartilage complex then splint removed and rehabilitation initiated. Over than 24 months, he is doing well without movement limitation and wrist strength impairment.
For prevention misdiagnosis of UVD, physical examination is very important. Forearm rotation limitation with pain in the wrist should be indicative for distal radioulnar joint injury. Physical examination should be supported with proper evaluation of suitable radiographs. After reduction of joint, magnetic resonance images give clues about ligamentous injury. Our case supports the importance of rigorous physical examination and evaluation of radiographs for wrist injury. In the presence of partial injury of ligaments, the condition can be treated with shorter periods of immobilization and early rehabilitation.

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