A novel coordination polymer (CP) based on Zn(II) of [Zn(tptc)(bpy)(HO)] (1) was synthesized through utilizing the 2,2′-bipyridine (bpy) chelating N donors and p-terphenyl-2,2”,5”,5”’-tetracarboxylate acid (Htptc) as the co-ligands. The measurements of the fluorescence were implemented for the complex 1 in solution and solid state, and the result reveals that 1 has a strong fluorescence and it is a sensory material with great development space to determine the trace CrO (with the detection limit of 36 ppb) in the water solutions via applying the fluorescence quenching effect. As the common disease in the orthopedic nursing, the deep vein thrombosis was the objective in this research. The weigh and length of the thrombus in the animals were measured and analyzed. In addition to this, the inflammatory response in the deep vein thrombosis animal was evaluated by RT-PCR. Molecular docking results indicate that only the carboxyl group could provide polar oxygen atoms for the formed hydrogen bonds to the protein.