Surgical registration that maps surgical space onto image space plays an important role in surgical navigation. Accurate surgical registration can help surgeons efficiently locate surgical instruments. The complicated marker-based surgical registration method is highly accurate, but it is time-consuming. Therefore, a marker-less surgical registration method with high-precision and high-efficiency is proposed without human intervention. Firstly, the surgical navigation system based on the multi-vision system is calibrated by using a specially-designed calibration board. When extracting the abdominal point cloud acquired by the structured light vision system, the constraint is constructed by using Computed Tomography (CT) image to filter out the points in irrelevant areas to improve the computational efficiency. The Coherent Point Drift (CPD) algorithm based on Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) is applied in the registration of abdominal point cloud with lack of surface features. To enhance the efficiency of the CPD algorithm, firstly, the system calibration result is used in rough registration of the point cloud, and then the proper point cloud pretreatment method and its parameters are studied through experiments. Finally, the puncturing simulation experiments were carried out by using the abdominal phantom. The experimental results show that the proposed surgical registration method has high accuracy and efficiency, and has potential clinical application value.
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