An American Academy of Pediatrics State Chapter organized a 6-month, mostly online quality improvement learning collaborative to improve antibiotic prescribing and patient education for upper respiratory infection (URI) and acute otitis media (AOM). Practices submitted data on quality measures at baseline, monthly, and 4 months post-project. Fifty-three clinicians from 6 independent, private primary care pediatric practices participated. Use of first-line antibiotics for AOM increased from 63.5% at baseline to 80.4% 4 months post-project. Use of safety-net antibiotic prescriptions (SNAP) for AOM increased from 4.5% to 16.9%. Educating patients about management for URI increased from 66.1% to 88.0% and for AOM from 20.4% to 85.6%. Practices maintained high performance for not prescribing antibiotics for URI (94.4% to 96.2%). Leveraging local relationships and national resources, this replicable antibiotic stewardship project engaged independent private practices to improve patient education for URI and AOM and prescribing and use of SNAP for AOM.