Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) publishes practices that may contribute to medical overuse and patient harm. Many practices concern laboratory testing, but the recommendations are often written for the test-ordering professionals. Our objective was to develop a list for CWC reflecting the scope of practice of nonpathologist medical laboratory professionals (MLPs).
We used a national survey, a convention session, and a panel of MLPs from across Canada to generate content for the CWC list. We used a modified Delphi process to identify the most important items and scoping reviews to gather evidence supporting each item.
We identified 95 potential CWC list items. After 2 Delphi rounds, there was little movement in the top items. Scoping reviews revealed varying degrees of evidentiary support, which influenced the composition of the final list of 7 CWC items submitted. Three of the final recommendations address ways MLPs preserve the status quo with respect to overutilization of laboratory tests by other health care professionals. The remaining recommendations prompt MLPs to exert clinical judgment in specific scenarios, particularly where they can impact blood collection volumes.
This work brings a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the relationships among MLPs, patient safety, and resource waste.