Establish the feasibility and acceptability of Sleep Scholar, a single-session, self-guided, internet-based insomnia intervention.
College students with a lifetime history of suicide ideation and at least subclinical insomnia symptoms.
Participants ( = 38) completed pretreatment sleep diaries, Sleep Scholar, and post-treatment feasibility, acceptability, and clinical measures.
Approximately 33 students could be recruited per semester, the overall attrition rate was 47%, Sleep Scholar was completed in approximately 30 minutes, and the majority of treatment information was retained. Participants reported positive acceptability and satisfaction, and approximately half of participants adhered to their prescribed time in bed recommendations. Most clinical measures had adequate variability and internal consistency, and post-hoc analyses revealed clinically significant reductions in several mental health symptoms.
Sleep Scholar is feasible in college settings, acceptable for college students, and produced reductions in mental health symptoms during an uncontrolled trial. Implications for a randomized-controlled trial are discussed.