This experiment was performed to assess reliability of the cytobrush-cytology method (CCM) in diagnosis of subclinical endometritis (SCE) using the biopsy-histopathology method (BHM) as a reference in late lactating dairy cows. Reproductive organs were collected from 115 slaughtered multiparous crossbred cows culled due to infertility 398 ± 135 days subsequent to parturition. Samples were collected from the dorsal part of the corpus uteri for analyses. Inflammation status was graded histopathologically based on the cell percentages [(neutrophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes (LYM), macrophages (MAC), and plasma cells)]. Data were subjected to Friedman’s test for group comparisons (method and diagnosis), concordance correlation and chi-square tests for consistency of results among methods, and the receiver operating characteristics curve analysis for reliability of the CCM. Percentages of LYM (2.67x) and MAC (3.00x) were greater when evaluated using BHM than with CCM (P  4 and > 0, respectively. The results indicate the CCM may be used in the diagnosis of SCE when the LYM and MAC percentages are considered in chronically infertile cows in the later stages of the lactational period.
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