COVID-19 is considered the most critical health pandemic of 21st century. Due to extremely high transmission rate, people are more susceptible to viral infection. COVID-19 patients having chronic type-2 asthma prevails a major risk as it may aggravate the disease and morbidities.
The present review mainly focuses on correlating the influence of COVID-19 in type-2 asthmatic patients. Besides, it delineates the treatment measures and drugs that can be used to manage mild, moderate, and severe symptoms of COVID-19 in asthmatic patients, thus preventing any exacerbation.
An in-depth research was carried out from different peer-reviewed articles till September 2020 from several renowned databases like PubMed, Frontier, MEDLINE, and related websites like WHO, CDC, MOHFW, and the information was analysed and written in a simplified manner.
The progressive results were quite conflicting as severe cases of COVID-19 shows an increase in the level of several cytokines that can augment inflammation to the bronchial tracts, worsening the asthma attacks. Contradicting to this, certain findings reveal the decrease in the severity of COVID-19 due to the elevation of T-cells in type-2 asthmatic patients, as prominent reduction of T-cell is seen in most of the COVID-19 positive patients. This helps to counteract the balance of immune responses and hence ameliorate the disease progression.
Asthmatic patients must remain cautious during the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining all the precautions to stay safe due to limited research data. Future strategies should include a better understanding of asthmatic exacerbation and its relation to COVID-19.

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