Lymphangiomas are relatively uncommon head and neck region lymphatic malformations. Although surgery can be still considered the mainstay of treatment, sclerotherapy by OK-432 is becoming a widespread treatment option. The aim of this article is to present and discuss the management and outcomes of a series of cases of lymphangiomas.
All patients with lymphangiomas who were treated from 2010 to 2018 were reviewed. The following data were recorded: age, gender, subtype, staging, type of treatment, outcome, and recurrence.
Fifteen patients (9 females, 6 males) were included with 2 microcystic and 13 macrocystic lymphangiomas. Six patients underwent surgery with excision (5 with a complete success, one with a fair success), whereas the remaining 9 subjects underwent sclerotherapy by OK-432 (6 with a complete success, 3 with a fair success). No postoperative complications were observed.
All modes of treatment are important in properly selected patients affected by lymphangiomas. OK-432 therapy is a safe and effective option in the treatment of head and neck lymphangiomas.