Studies found associations between atopic dermatitis (AD) and many comorbidities.
To appraise evidence of the association between AD and comorbidities among adults.
Our multidisciplinary work group conducted a systematic review of the association between AD and selected comorbidities. We applied the GRADE for prognosis approach for assessing the certainty of the evidence, providing statements of association based on the available evidence.
Analysis of the evidence resulted in 32 statements. Clear evidence of the association of AD in adults and select allergic, atopic, immune-mediated, mental health and bone health conditions and skin infections was identified. There is some evidence supporting an association between AD and substance use, ADHD, and elements of metabolic syndrome. Evidence suggests a small association with various cardiovascular conditions. The association between AD in adults and autism spectrum disorders, myocardial infarction, stroke, and metabolic syndrome is inconclusive.
This analysis is based on the best available evidence at the time it was conducted. This guideline does not make recommendations for screening or management of comorbidities in adults with AD.
Clinicians should be aware of comorbidities associated with AD. Further research is needed to determine whether screening or management of comorbidities is beneficial for adults with AD.

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